4th Grade Literary Suite

The 4th grade literary suite focuses on digging deeper into the story elements. Teachers receive a task menu with accompanying tasks and slides. These slides use a variety of tools to engage students to promote an understanding of plot, character, setting and theme. 4th grade students are expected to refer to evidence in the text when answering questions, drawing conclusions, and stating and justifying their conclusions and opinions related to the story. These students need to be able to speak to all of the story elements when answering questions and discussing the story.

The texts students read now will have a theme, a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work. The focus is now on readers determining the theme of texts from a variety of genres and comparing themes in similar stories.

The 4th grade literary menu and 15 formative tasks have been aligned to the following literature learning targets:

  • Identify, describe, and track the stages of plot development: introduction/exposition, rising action, problem, climax, falling action(s), and resolution.
  • Describe a setting in depth using specific details from the text regarding the time and place.
  • Decide if the setting is integral to the story.
  • Describe how the actions of the main character impact the story’s plot.
  • Describe a character in depth using specific details from the text regarding the character’s thoughts, words, actions, and decisions.
  • Describe a character’s interactions with other characters.
  • Summarize the most important parts of the story.
  • Determine a universal theme of a story.

The Family Resource Guide (which also comes in Spanish) supports families who are coaching students at home. Each formative task has a family resource page that includes:

  • Learning targets
  • Essential question
  • Task success criteria
  • Identified strategies
  • Examples and exemplars

Mentor text lessons plans are provided including guiding questions and prompts based on grade-level standards. The eToolkit uses one mentor text per grade level to lower the cognitive demand of the text to teach and launch the formative task. Exemplars have been created by our teacher design team and formative assessment experts for each task.

Formative tasks integrate and utilize Pear Deck platform, which allows students to:

  • Draw, write, or respond directly on the slides
  • Self-assess and set goals
  • Listen to audio from teachers for review and coaching
  • Extra video resources embedded for further support

All tasks have been designed to be Google Suite (Slides, Docs) and Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint).

Along with the grade level specific tasks, this suite also includes The EmpowerED Learner eToolkit Field Guide Bundle which includes:

  • Comprehensive literary field guide ebook explaining how to use the resources and why they work
  • Slide decks with strategies for core learning, literacy, gradual release of control, well-being, self-assessment, and goal setting
  • Goal setting checklist for students
  • Weekly schedule template with subject/activity icons to help students visually align the task with expectations
  • Blank documents and slide templates to expand and personalize your collection of tasks

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